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Tax Deadline Approaching Fast

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For those who lodge their own tax returns, the deadline for lodgement is fast approaching, the final date you can lodge your return without incurring a penalty being  31 October 2014.

Filling out a tax return can seem like a daunting task, however, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has made it somewhat easier, with a convenient and free online lodgement service called MyTax, which is designed specifically for those with straightforward tax affairs, and e-tax for those people will more complex tax affairs.

The ATO’s cooperation with banks, employers, government agencies, share registries and other relevant parties r have made preparation and lodgement of tax returns easier, with the information provided by these parties pre-filled into your online form on MyTax and e-tax

Evidence of how convenient this process is can be found in the almost 2 million lodgements through the ATO’s free online services through e-tax and MyTax to date.

Despite the convenience and efficiency with which it is now possible to lodge your tax return, we understand that it is still a process that can prove to be overwhelming and time consuming. If you think you may have trouble lodging your tax return before the 31 October deadline,  speak to us at Grange today about how we can assist you with preparation and lodgement of your return without incurring a penalty.

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