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Succession Preparation

Grange Business Partners recognise that people leave their business at some point in time, sometimes via sickness or retirement. A well thought-out and executed succession plan is vital to the on-going success of any business. Therefore, there should always be a succession plan in place for those key people involved in any business. Our estate planning professionals will work closely with you to tailor a plan that is beneficial for all parties, no matter when succession planning maybe needed.

Regardless of whether the company is transferring from family member to family member, or to an outside interest, our business succession planning team will ensure the smoothest possible transition through providing effective change management services in Sydney.

Estate Planning

Grange Business Partners will review and implement estate planning strategies to ensure that your estate is distributed as you intended. Our team will work with you to provide for your family’s needs in the most efficient and tax-effective way.

If you have debts, substantial assets, a superannuation payout due or a family business, we will analyse your assets and develop the most appropriate estate planning strategies for you and your family.

These services have been tailored carefully to meet the individual needs of all our clients . If you’re currently in need of business succession planning or estate planning strategies, our team are more than qualified to achieve the results you’re after.

Moreover, we’ve worked hard to establish a reputation for success, allowing our strategies and services to be the go-to for clients throughout all areas

To find out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team on 02 9439 1411. We’re always more than happy to offer honest, professional advice towards any enquiries you may have.

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