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With Panalitix, we are more than just

your accountant – we are your partner in business.

Panalitix is our cloud based reporting system that interacts with your cloud accounting software.

Through the use of Panalitix, we can:

  • keep an eye on your business performance in real time;
  • carry out a business performance review and identify areas where you can improve your business’s performance;
  • monitor the key drivers of your business in real time and identify any areas that require attention;
  • analyse your business’s historical data to gain a deeper understanding of your business to help us serve you better;
  • help you plan the year ahead for your business;
  • discover opportunities that you may not even know existed, that could dramatically improve the success of your business.

By monitoring your business activity in real time, we can see any “danger zones” and alert you to these immediately – enabling you to act quickly and avert any detrimental issues before it’s too late.

With Panalitix, we have the capability to plan, monitor, measure and improve your business performance.

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